A comprehensive 21st Century business presence does not negate the necessity for traditional back office fundamentals.

Getting a functional, organized office system in place not only requires additional attention and organization, but will help your business run smoothly while preparing for unforeseen challenges.

Let’s level up your small business ground game – and get you up to date on everything Administrative. In work as in life, smart and careful foundation planning can take alot of the guesswork out of long term goals.

Scroll down for nine ways we can help:



1. Setting up a functional and organized office:

Foundation planning is essential. Systems, files, and procedures are all critically important to running a business smoothly. We can help get your ground game up and running by making things easy to find, curating business data and operations so if you take an afternoon off things don’t collapse – and work can continue as usual.



2. Creating branded invoices and communications:

Take your logo to the next level, and make sure it is present on all communications. Invoicing, email signatures, estimates and brochures, wherever your presence is important, we will add it.

While we are at it, let’s check your social media accounts also to make sure they are also cross-branded appropriately. 



3. Accounting and records management

Quickbooks, Freshbooks, Excel or Google Sheets –  Wherever you keep your data, it is critical that it is organized, up to date and easily accessible to anyone who should need it.

At the same time, we can back up these important documents onto an external drive.




4. Organizing clients, vendors, websites, connections, passwords, and personal and professional contacts:

Let’s create a customized ‘Data Sheet’ for your business which can be easily referenced for anyone who needs it.  The world will not stop if you take a breather, and office functions will continue uninterrupted.  Information will be at the ready for anyone who needs it. 




5. Utilizing and Customizing Google Suite and/or Microsoft Office in a manner that is best suited for your unique industry, talent, and passion:

There is so much you can do within these programs to organize and up your game.

Create templates for marketing emails, brochures, CSV files and email lists for marketing purposes, as well as hone your Google my Business profile, bio and images. 

We can also get your Google review link sent to your best customers to increase visibility and SEO and showcase your hard earned reputation.





6. Continued Website maintenance such as adding curated content, new data and images:

This is an incredibly important step that is all too often overlooked. How many times have you met a new business contact, only to wonder when you look at their website why it doesn’t match up to their skill set and personality? 

Let’s brush up that skeletal or outdated site to reflect your talent, industry and passion in a way that is accurate and truly authentic.





7. Using QuickBooks, FreshBooks or Excel to track income and expenses:

These programs are so simple to use and can give you incredible amounts of information as to how your business is really performing, on the back end. Let’s make sure it is functioning optimally and look at reports which will tell you in real time exactly how you are measuring up to your goals and expectations.





8. Have strategy sessions to make sure your goals are in alignment with your day to day operations:

The importance of a strategic ally cannot be overstated. Someone who can help break down, organize and execute your business fundamentals. Every incremental step you take towards organizational achievement will translate to business success, fulfilling your purpose and ‘why’ step by step along the way.



9. In a word, Organization:

Fundamentals. This is it. Organization is and always will be the key to success. There is nothing that speaks to efficiency and production more for a small business owner than organization. Knowing where your most important resources are at any given time, and having them in order when needed is critical to optimizing day to day functioning.


We Can Help.



Every small business can benefit from the services of an Administrative Concierge….delivering to your door a ‘One-Stop Administrative Shop’…to help manage details so you can focus on what truly matters:


  • Creating an organized and comprehensive administrative foundation;
  • Staying focused on your core competency and building a client base;
  • Cultivating connections and resources towards next level goals.