Don’t Get Caught By Life’s Surprises: A Four-Pillar Plan

Have you ever been caught by surprise? Don’t get caught by surprise! Life can be unpredictable, right?  It is the little things that can catch us off-guard and really derail our progress and plans. But how can we plan for something that we are not sure will happen?  Well, there are several ways to mitigate […]

Small Business Spotlight: Healing Minds And Bodies Through Somatic Therapy

The Essential Interview: Spotlight on Small Business Periodically I introduce a small business owner with a five question, “Essential” interview. Why Essential? Because the questions are fundamental yet expansive, with far reaching objectives: To inform and educate as to the vast manifestations and motivations of small business, and what each uniquely has to offer. To […]

Ten Ways to Resolve Conflict in the Workplace

Is conflict the norm these days? We all want to resolve conflict. But how?  Sometimes it seems that in families and in work, combativeness can be the norm. It doesn’t have to be that way. In work and in life, civility should always take precedent if we want to actually get things done – and […]

Five Psychological Principles of Positive Change

  The Fundamentals of Change The Five Fundamental Principles of the Psychology of Change. Fundamentals…to me, they are a universal thread, and the the building blocks of everything valuable in life. Truth be told, we cannot discuss change without recognizing what exactly it is that we fundamentally value as individuals, and how change puts it […]

The Loss of a Pet: Balancing Work and Grief

  Meet my beloved King Charles Cavalier Spaniel, Harley. This week is a more personal post as I am grieving the loss of our precious dog of 14 years, who passed this week from congestive heart failure. Sure…everyone says their dog was one of a kind, but I swear – Harley truly was. October 11, […]

The Correlation Between Cash and Contentment

Does happiness correlate with income? According to a 2021 study out of University of Pennsylvania’s The Wharton School, people’s well-being rises with the amount of money they make, even beyond the previously accepted standard of $75,000. Matthew Killingsworth, a senior fellow at Penn’s Wharton School, studies human happiness. He states that happiness is “something everyone […]

Don’t Steer So Hard: The Art Of Coasting Through Difficulties

We all experience setbacks in life and work. Do you know about the Art of Coasting? Sometimes we are disappointed by life, and by those we care about the most. All of the relationships we establish throughout our journey will ebb, flow, come and go. Some are meant to last a season and some end […]

What Is Your Why?

  ➡️ What is your Why? Please, humor me. Stop for one moment and give this a little bit of thought…🤔 Have you ever asked yourself this question…what is your “Why?” It is challenging to answer, and to do so requires a willingness to go deep in order to flesh it out. The goal? To […]

Perseverance, Self Esteem And Becoming Your Own Biggest Cheerleader

It’s time external sources of validation are redirected. This is the scene every time I come home. These two think I am the greatest thing since kibble. Growing up with two dogs, I swore I would never succumb to the temptation of adopting my own. The commitment seemed enormous, and I wanted the freedom to […]

Do You Care What Other People Think? Perhaps You Shouldn’t.

Do you care what other people think? As I learned self reliance throughout life’s trajectory, one moment from my youth resonates vividly. At the green age of 22 and at my first corporate job, I was advised that the president of the company wanted to see me. I was summarily ushered into his office and […]