layout and design are crucial to brand identity

Web Design

Perhaps you have a website that needs work, or you do not have one at all.  Either way, in this digital environment, the importance of a unique brand identity cannot be overstated.  Establishing a digital presence for your business includes:

  • A logo that represents your essence and business aspirations 
  • Incorporating it into an eye catching web design
  • Creating well written and concise content which clearly states your history and purpose
  • Integrating social media and other unique brand identification platforms
  • Making sure it is responsive on tablet and mobile devices
  • Keeping it current and engaging by updating images and content

There is absolutely a place for high-end coding. But basic Search Engine Optimization (SEO) does not need to be overwhelming, nor out of budget. BCS can help establish your fundamental online presence putting your budget to best use while you focus on your customer base.  We can also connect you with next level tech specialists when the need arises.



The digital footprint is just the beginning.  What we can do next: 

  • Edit your website to add keywords and meta data
  • Organize backup and flash drives 
  • Establish a Google my Business presence
  • Button up social media accounts and bios
  • Research other platforms unique to your brand

Getting this next digital layer organized and current will create a solid foundation to build on to the next step, engaging your customer base with relevant and interesting content. It will also curate and establish loyal connections who will want to come back!

stay meaningfully connected
marketing is a maze on the roadmap to success



Marketing is a maze of choices on a road to success, and an ongoing process.  Let’s apply great caution to both your bottom line and those precious customer lists you have been cultivating.  The fundamentals, however, are without question.  Some to consider are:

  • Connect your website with an email marketing platform like Constant Contact or MailChimp
  • Set up a Google Ads account
  • Create branded newsletters, emails and social media posts
  • Research reporting to find out what format, style or message resonates best with your customers
  • Create unique business cards and marketing merchandise to tie into your brand.
  • Set up automations to go out under circumstances that build brand identity, trust, loyalty, and most of all, revenue.
  • When you’re ready, connect with next level marketing specialists in your industry.

As your business grows you will need to constantly re-evaluate, amend and strategize how you want to be identified and seen in the world.  Think of BCS as a strategic ally towards that mission.

Project Management


Sometimes an administrative task is simply too comprehensive to approach solo, or even with a small staff.  You may need a temporary, additional hand of assistance.  BCS has many years of experience in all aspects of project management, and can usefully help in the execution of responsibilities as it applies to:

  • Preparing data and/or documents to meet a deadline
  • Collaborating on projects towards strategic goals 
  • Teamwork for on an industry specific assignment or function
  • Meeting organizational objectives
  • Executing a task efficiently rather than having it linger in a suboptimal format. 
constructive collaboration

Simple and Affordable.

Any and all of these tasks can be encapsulated and managed on an a la carte basis by BCS. 

Our fees are based on an hourly rate, not by contract.  When you feel ready, organized and on your game, you are free to terminate the arrangement at any time.  You take the reins, and we part friends, knowing there is always a helping hand or strategic partner available should you encounter a bump in the road or want to circle back for:

  • Additional maintenance, organization or upkeep 
  • Strategizing or training sessions
  • Implementing your next level or endeavor!


Starting a business is no simple task by any measure.  It takes grit, determination, and a lot of tuning out noise, distractions and dissenters.  The motivation to succeed fundamentally lies in the reason why you chose this path in the first place.  Do you remember what that was?  Maybe it has been so long, while you have been working so hard, that now you have forgotten.  

There are perhaps many reasons you set yourself on this path.  It is quite possible it grew from a pure and raw passion.  Maybe it was to express a talent you have been gifted with.  For many of us, it was surely for love of family and providing.  All you know for certain is, above all, you have set your intention and you are in it for the long haul.

You know that you are wearing many hats.  You also know that you don’t need a full time employee for a la carte tasks.  The best plan for success has you staying laser focused on what you do best, while strategically managing what you need in place but don’t have time for.