Bergen Concierge Service



The undertaking involved to lay a solid foundation for any business is so essential to future success.   

Education in the nuances of the industry, finding high value resources, developing relationships and actually executing the product or service exchange consumes all of your time.  All the details pile up as you focus on what you do best. How is it to be successfully done without quantifiable support is what I wondered.

This was my inspiration for Bergen Concierge Service, and its mission going forward:  To provide support in the fundamental building blocks for success in small business, and be a catalyst for strategic development, maintenance and achievement of set goals. 


I am a graduate of SUNY College at Oswego with a bachelor’s degree in Psychology and English, and a lifelong learner. My goal is to constantly strive towards higher knowledge through professional experience coupled with continued and diverse education. My practical experience and an inquisitive mind has always been obsessed with finding answers.  I am an avid writer, seeking proper, creative and engaging forms of written expression.  Training and experience in legal and contract language has proven to be a resourceful tool time and time again.


Bergen Concierge Service LLC

Bergen Concierge Service was founded in 2005 with the motto ‘let’s make your life easier’, the core which continues to this day.  Over the years, I have acted as a ‘second hand’ for countless entrepreneurs and small business owners, who want to concentrate on their passion and not get bogged down by overwhelming details they don’t have time for.  As the years passed, that mission has only grown more entrenched as I have created wonderful partnerships with amazing and innovative people, and are continuously thrilled to see the reward of hard work and a strategic partnership.

Meelo Realty LLC

The responsibility of property management cultivates skills to be utilized each and every day.  Home improvements, maintenance and repairs, tenant and HOA communications, lease contract negotiations and resolution of disputes are ever present in this arena and grew into a well of useful skills and resources. Maximizing quality of tenant and landlord experience through innovative design and upgrades, along with organized management was essential to tenant retention and increased property value.

LaDecor Studios LLC

LaDecor was founded to cultivate creative and artistic interests.  For many years I painted with oil on canvas, thriving on the process of creating something beautiful from a blank slate. Wanting to take it to the next level, I completed numerous certification courses in the most advanced decorative painting techniques.  After several years I was given the opportunity for full time employment as a project manager for Faux Time Design, one of the most prestigious decorative painting contractors in the Northeast. The most high end decorative finishes – venetian plasters, gold leafing, stenciling, glazing, foiling and faux bois on 25 foot scaffolds were just another day at the office for me.  

Through continued education in creative arts, I parlayed this experience to design custom content for the clients I am so passionate about.