Color and Design Consultations:
Home Improvement,

As a licensed NJ Home Improvement Contractor, I spent the better part of 15 years on scaffolds and ladders, rendering the highest end decorative finishes throughout Bergen County NJ and surrounding areas. When the time came to shift gears, the natural next step was a transition to color and design consulting. I have come to believe this is an essential service in the Home Improvement Industry.

Having cultivated strong relationships with reputable contractors, suppliers and homeowners, I can assist in the endless decisions involved by:

  • Collaborating and coordinating personal style and taste with wall color, trim, flooring, tile, lighting and cabinetry options. 
  • Functioning as an essential ally through decades of hands-on experience in the creative arts, color, design, and construction.
  • Allowing for less second-guessing or wasting more money re-doing something resulting from a poor or rushed decision.
  • Supporting clients going at a project alone, who do not have input from a partner as to design choices, or the budget to work with a licensed professional interior designer.
  • Providing an informal and collaborative approach to decision making, a preferred fit for many individuals.
  • Saving money wasted by poor choices and rushed decision. Fees are paid on an hourly basis by the homeowner.
  • Creating a “Style File” which improves communication, eliminates ambiguity, and is useful in collaboration, future reference and record-keeping.
  • Lessens the burden on contractors so they may focus on their work, be a supportive partner for their client, and facilitate steady progress without unnecessary delays.
  • Streamline decisions, clarify communications, avoid misunderstandings, and alleviate stress all around!


Any home improvement project can benefit from an experienced ally able to professionally walking the line between creative and administrative priorities, with a keen eye on checking off steps towards long term goals. I help projects run more smoothly, and with less stress for all involved. 

Get the design and color aspects of your project right the first time, and feel confident in your decisions with an experienced professional on your side.



References available upon request.