We shouldn’t mind expending effort if it increases productivity – Bergen Concierge Service, 2022

Have you ever felt like your wheels are spinning…

But you are not actually moving forward? This was the visual in my mind while drafting my mission for Bergen Concierge Service. Time is your most valuable asset. Wasting any of it unproductively is a frustrating yet universal challenge. As I was writing, the letters revealed the acronym “MPG”. Bingo. I loved the duality, and thought it dovetailed beautifully into my message.

So beyond it being catchy, what exactly do I mean by MPG? Well, give some thought to these questions: What are you achieving for the effort you put into your business? Where are you spending your time, and how efficient are you with it? Are your efforts productive and manifesting results or are they draining you? Are your wheels spinning but you are standing still?

With these questions in mind, three steps to foundational success came to view:

1. MISSION: A strategic alliance and grassroots plan

Your mission should include a strategic, experienced and collaborative ally. BCS can be this for you – and together, create a grassroots plan which support the ability to execute your core competency.

2. PLAN: Five steps to achieving goals

  1. Interview: In-depth and focused on identifying key objectives, unfinished tasks and areas for development will be our first order of business. For example, do all of your online profiles carry the same visuals and messaging? This is critical for brand recognition, networking and fundamental SEO.
  2. Prepare: A detailed action plan laying out a step-by-step methodology for filling in areas identified in the interview. We will provide a tangible resource for setting objectives, and use it as a source sheet for expansion to next level goals.
  3. Tackle: It’s now go time – for systematic achievement of objectives. Starting with the must haves and moving through to wants and goals, we will execute tasks in a practical manner that lays down a fundamental order.
  4. Collaborate: We cannot overstate the importance of interpretative listening, with feedback to identify next level agendas. This critical step ensures your business objectives and priorities are never overlooked.
  5. Maintain: The final fundamental for continued growth is to create and sustain comprehensive resources. This manifests an advantage for next steps, including networking and industry specific projects.

3. GOAL: Quantitative results on a solid foundation

Measurable, visual and identifiable results you can actually see. This will present the space you need to step back and focus on your core competency, doing what you intuitively enjoy and is profitable.

In summary, ‘MPG’ is a mantra to help quantify how productively you are spending your time, identify where the voids are and exactly where a strategic ally can be of assistance.

Laura Milo DeAngelis | Owner and Founder | Bergen Concierge Service LLC

www.bergen-concierge.com • 201-303-7301 • bergenconcierge@gmail.com

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