Three Reasons Every Small Business Needs Grassroots Support

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There is not enough time for everything – Bergen Concierge Service, 2022

What Exactly Is ‘Grassroots Support’

In articulating the mission and messaging around Bergen Concierge Service, the term grassroots support kept resonating with me. In the vast field of tasks needed to start a small business, there are so many ‘rabbit holes’ to go down and get lost in. Where do you begin when your plate is already full, executing your core competency and the day to day management of existing clientele. But let’s face it, that’s where the income is! So it will understandably take priority.

Administrative tasks, therefore, are likely to take a back seat. Prioritizing them on an appropriate scale for your industry niche, business goals and personality is an essential part of a fundamental, grassroots methodology of success.

Certainly, you can hire someone to answer phones and execute day-to-day office functions. But there is so much more than that to do! Here are three details that often get left behind by an overwhelmed entrepreneur:

1. Website:

Buttoning up your website entails ongoing photo and text edits, and uploads of new content and images. It must also be fully responsive on mobile and tablet devices, as well as integrated with social media profiles for full visibility. Having complete and detailed content on all pages is also important for fundamental search engine optimization (SEO). One thing I notice about self employed professionals is they often have difficulty drafting their own ‘about‘ page, as it requires an objectivity that is hard to tap into when writing about oneself.

2. Social Media:

Fine-tuning social media profiles, integrating across relevant platforms, and organizing both images and written content is critical to brand development. I have seen many a flash drive full of important yet unorganized and unlabeled content, making it difficult to utilize for the most important purposes. Implementation of artful marketing is nearly impossible without an organized foundation. At Bergen Concierge, we do both: organize your media and create impactful messaging, using Canva to make jazzy collages, pamphlets, media posts, etc. to help you build a unique, standout business identity.

3. Google my Business:

Know this one fact: Literally everyone you do business with is going to google you! I can’t tell you how many businesses I have googled to find a skeletal profile with no photos, map, reviews or link to their website, leaving scant detail about the business and its history. You may not need much, just a few cover photos (like mine!), but it should, at a minimum, accurately represent your business. If it doesn’t look professional, your business will be judged and passed by for the one that looks snazzy and complete, even if you are the better fit for the job.The list above can (and should) go on, as you lay down these building blocks. To that end, consider the benefit of a strategic ally with an a-la-carte approach to administration and branding.

Final Thoughts and Forward Thinking

To that end, consider the benefit of a strategic ally with an a-la-carte approach to administration and branding. You will have an experienced partner to help navigate the complexities of laying a proper foundation. It is my strong belief that this approach is the best way to check off fundamentals while you focus on what you do best.  Support then manifests for both the individual and business niche, with an emphasis on productivity.


Laura Milo DeAngelis | Owner and Founder | Bergen Concierge Service LLC


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