Confessions of a Concierge: No, I Don’t Work in a Hotel.

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Confessions of a Concierge – Bergen Concierge Service, 2022

The first in a series of essays to dispel myths and elevate a need for Concierges in traditional workplaces.

Years ago, on one of my first ‘grown up’ vacations at an upscale hotel, I asked upon checking in for dinner recommendations: “Of course,” the reception clerk responded, “The concierge would be happy to assist you. Go right to that desk over there.” What? Who? There was an individual whose sole job was to make my dinner reservation? I was utterly surprised and extremely intrigued. I quickly scurried over, and in short order had dinner planned at my preferred time, food preference and budget. Just wow.

Ever since, when I book a hotel, I always ask if there is a concierge because I truly loved the experience that much. After all, who gets this at home? This is what a real vacation should feel like. Local hotspot? Check. Transportation? Check. Day Spa? Check. Boutique? Check!

I delighted at the concept of a professional solely, sincerely, and downright dedicated to my wellbeing. Venturing to new locales, I was always thrilled to not worry about an inconvenient planning detail, and intuitively felt it was a luxury both germane and well spent. I was able to focus on what I wanted to do, keeping distractions and stress to a minimum.

When the moment finally came to launch my business concept, I knew I wanted to channel my reserve of administrative and creative experience, cultivated over many decades and manifestations. I also knew my calling was to serve in a supportive role, facilitating the execution of tasks for a client lacking in time or attention. I wanted a term which communicated a professional manner, all-encompassing yet clear and precise. Last, I had cultivated a long list of references, connections, and experts for needs outside my wheelhouse, and wanted to convey that as well.

At the end of the day, there really was no other term to use. “Concierge” kept coming back to mind. It checked all the boxes I needed, and thus, Bergen Concierge Service was born.

Thus, my Concierge mission is to help clients:


So no, friends, I do not work in a hotel – but am grateful for the experiences and inspirations presented through life and my travels.


Laura Milo DeAngelis | Owner and Founder | Bergen Concierge Service LLC • 201-303-7301 •

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