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We all need to respect one another’s individuality in the workplace – Bergen Concierge Service, 2022

Creating solutions for divergent work styles

Over time, my business philosophy has evolved towards an a la carte approach to supporting divergent working styles. Through many manifestations, I have cultivated rewarding relationships helping others excel in their fundamental ground game. Channeling my creative and administrative expertise in this manner feels intuitive and authentic.

                        “He who knows others is wise, but he who knows himself is enlightened.”Lao Tzu

I have also learned the importance of taking a step back to look at oneself objectively. One moment to check that working style, intuition and personality are aligned. Without this, pushing through boundaries and making progress is more difficult.

Personality converges with work style, whether we realize it or not

In a world of unique individuals, it makes sense that a method of administration for one individual does not necessarily work for another. After all, we know that one size fits all never really did fit everyone.

Respecting this individuality is critical to cultivating meaningful solutions. Most of all, it creates space for ongoing incremental progress that is both rewarding and organic.

Three personality styles and how they manage office operations

  1. The natural-born salesperson. You could talk a dog off a meat wagon. Minute by minute your day is eaten up doing what you love: networking and making deals. Back at the office, however, order hangs in the balance as deals are made at a frenzied pace but administration falls behind. Servicing is equally important to closing a sale, as is your reputation. In the wise words of Warren Buffet: “It takes 20 years to build a reputation and five minutes to ruin it. If you think about that, you will do things differently.” Thus, creating organized procedures is smart, with accountability from beginning to end of transactions.
  2. The introverted extrovert (I refer to myself as one of these.) You are social and comfortable around most types of people, but in regular need of a quiet space to recharge. These types can benefit from administrative assistance which validates concepts and hones talking points. Generating dependable processes which allow energy re-harnessing will be critical to meeting organizational objectives.
  3. The introvert: You are no doubt a go-getter, but have an exclusive style and pace. Doing things your own way on your own schedule is how you roll, and you need to work with professionals who understand and respect this. For this reason you are uniquely positioned to benefit from a la carte administrative expertise.  Authentic collaboration that feels natural and intuitive, especially with industry-specific projects, will be critical to maximum productivity.

A la carte approach is the right response to individual needs

A la carte services, in the context of administrative support, by definition assists clients uniquely and is customizable. In the end, supporting clients in the best possible way towards achieving their goals is what matters. Thus, it necessarily means stepping into their industry, learning their manner of operations, and catering to their personality and philosophy.

Creating solutions and a forward-thinking plan

Do any of these personalities resonate with you, and in what way? I would love to know. At the end of the day, it is really all about being there for someone else and acting as an agent for meaningful growth. Having strategic allies is critical as you craft your roadmap to success. At varying times in life, we all need to be a friend, mentor, cheerleader or coach to others. Through clear communication we can do so in a way that allows each of us to be our most productive selves, only benefiting us all as a collective.

Laura Milo DeAngelis | Owner and Founder | Bergen Concierge Service LLC • 201-303-7301 •

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