What is your why
What is your why? Bergen Concierge Service, 2022


➡️ What is your Why?

Please, humor me. Stop for one moment and give this a little bit of thought…🤔

Have you ever asked yourself this question…what is your “Why?” It is challenging to answer, and to do so requires a willingness to go deep in order to flesh it out. The goal? To find that sweet spot where authenticity meets purpose….You may have to push through some discomfort to get there, but it is oh so worth it.

It is not only a question you want to answer, but is a question you need to answer..….Of course I am making an assumption here that you are in pursuit of your highest potential. You are? I thought so! Fantastic, now let’s explore three reasons you should determine your ‘why’.

There are four important reasons to determine your ‘why’:

1. Our Why brings meaning and purpose to our life.

Philosophers have tried for centuries to expound on this question. Many have succeeded in providing thoughtful considerations and fascinating trails for the mind to explore.

The following dictum, attributed to the Talmud and Jose Martí, the Cuban revolutionary and poet, to me is one of the most foundational and thought provoking:

There are three things a person can do to bring meaning to their life – Every person should

– plant a tree,

– have a child, and

– write a book.

Why? These all live on after us, insuring a measure of immortality.

Thus, fundamentally speaking, the ‘why’ is a tangible bequest we leave behind, proof that we existed, a living testament that might make a difference to another life down the road. Of course, these just provide food for thought.  Ours can take many forms beyond these three concepts, and we should give careful consideration to determine which fits us best, and what we are willing to pour our energy into.

Legacies can also be ideas, concepts, and teachings that manifest meaningful change. This can happen through personal as well as business endeavors.

2. Our Why permeates our business purpose and mission.

Our ‘why’ can literally be stitched into the foundational fabric of our business purpose and mission. This should be a journey of planting seeds, which germinate growth, are a catalyst for positive change, and manifest quantifiable results.

Two factors weigh heavily on the success of this methodology:

So, What is your talent or gift, and how can you cultivate it?

So, What do you want to manifest, and how can you create it?

3. Our Why reflects our natural talents.

Expanding on the above, here are some thoughts to help focus your why and thereby your mission:

  1. Think about exactly where you get your energy and determination. What makes you tick?
  2. Let’s keep some focus of income and aspirations of monetary success. What is the lucrative avenue in your field?
  3. Manifest your goals by tackling one incremental step forward at a time. What are the steps toward your goals?

In my situation I wanted to act as a strategic partner available to tackle diverse tasks needing attention many entrepreneurs simply don’t have. The goal was to check every single box needed to keep a small business running smoothly and on target.

4. Our Why falls into one of these two categories.

As you consider the above, you may come to some conclusions on why you launched your particular business. In this process it is wise to differentiate between whether the business serves a personal why or a marketplace why.

So, what is the difference?

 ➡️ Final thoughts and forward thinking

Ultimately, only you can weigh each and determine for yourself which is more worthwhile. While you are at it, don’t forget the importance of a strategic ally who can help break down, organize and execute your business fundamentals,  Every incremental step you take towards organizational achievement will translate to business success, fulfilling your purpose and ‘why’ step by step along the way.

So…Why not get started? Help is only a phone call or email away!


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