QR code basics
QR code basics

Look familiar?  It should.  So what exactly is a QR Code?

Welcome to QR Code Basics for Small Business! You will be happy you stopped by to check out this elemental yet important topic.

Let’s start at the beginning. Would you believe that QR Codes were actually invented back in 1994?  Speaking for myself, I rarely heard of or had much opportunity to use one until the Covid-19 Pandemic and the advent of no-touch restaurant menus. I just knew it was this weird looking square thing that had something to do with my phone camera, and honestly seemed quite irrelevant to my existence.

Since the Pandemic we now use them in every aspect of our personal and professional lives, permeating every integrative customer experience to be hands-off and tech-on.

Now ubiquitous, and if you own a small business, it is incumbent upon you to get your own and use it on every marketing material possible: advertisements, signs, brochures, business cards, online platforms…etc., etc.

Sound like a foreign language to you?  It doesn’t have to be. QR stands for ‘Quick Response’, giving the user the ability to reach your site at lightning speed. Think of it as a bar code on steroids.

Getting yours is super easy! Just follow along and I will show you how to get your own website QR code in mere minutes. I will demonstrate using screenshots from my website:

     1. Open your website in Chrome and click upper right corner ‘share’ icon

QR code basics
QR code basics

       2. A drop-down menu will appear. Scroll to and click ‘Create QR Code’

QR code basics
QR code basics


3. Your QR Code will appear! Give yourself props 😉 and click ‘Download’

QR code basics
QR code basics


➡️ Voilá! Your QR Code is now accessible in your downloads folder and ready for use.

Depending on your business, all manner of implementation is now possible. Personally, I think priority number one is to print it on your business cards. When you hand them out, potential clients will right away know your business mindset is current and savvy.

This step-by-step tutorial is simply the first building block to QR code fundamentals, as it relates to drawing traffic to your site. Much more can be parlayed into next level strategies….such as separate QR codes for Facebook, Instagram, Twitter etc.,

By the way, the black and white code is not here to stay…now you can even design your own custom QR code with fun colors and icons. Are you excited? You should be!

Stay tuned to my blog for next level how-tos with minimum hassle and maximum effect!

Need help buttoning up these little extras that you need done?  Don’t underestimate the value of an Administrative Concierge dedicated to doing just that. We absolutely LOVE doing detail work, freeing up time which bogs down progress and productivity!  It doesn’t hurt either that along the way we buoy the spirits of our overwhelmed entrepreneurs and small business owners.

Trust me, you will feel super cool and smart when you hand out material that is current, tech relevant and totally up to date.

Yours in checking off small business fundamentals,


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