Every Small Business Needs An Administrative Concierge – Bergen Concierge Service, 2022

The second in a series of essays to dispel myths and elevate the need for Administrative Concierges in traditional workplaces.

Should every small business have an Administrative Concierge?

Business, in a broad sense, is undergoing a once in a lifetime transformation. Since the pandemic, the foundational shift in outsourcing, consulting, contract, and remote work is reshaping how business is done in every imaginable context. Therefore, why would you not consider new avenues, strategies and methods of small business administration? The possibilities for meaningful, constructive progress are many and diverse.

Here are three of the more intuitive concepts illustrating the usefulness of an Administrative Concierge.

1. You need help, but don’t think a full or even part time employee is the answer:

2. Support on an a la carte basis is the essence of Concierge work.

3. For small business, an Administrative Concierge checks all the boxes:

A Twenty-First Century Small Business Methodology.

The possibilities are limitless. A strategic partner on call to tackle diverse administrative tasks waiting for attention you simply don’t have. It checks every box needed to keep your small business running smoothly and on schedule.

An Administrative Concierge is a one-stop administrative shop who helps manage details so you can:


Best of all, rates are hourly, comprehensive consultations are free, and the arrangement can be terminated at any time.  An Administrative Concierge will keep you on the cutting edge of small business growth.

Does that sound like a 21st Century small business support strategy to you?



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