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The A La Carte Approach: Creating Solutions for Divergent Work Styles

  Creating solutions for divergent work styles Over time, my business philosophy has evolved towards an a la carte approach to supporting divergent working styles. Through many manifestations, I have cultivated rewarding relationships helping others excel in their fundamental ground game. Channeling my creative and administrative expertise in this manner feels intuitive and authentic.  

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Do You Care What Other People Think? Perhaps You Shouldn’t.

Do you care what other people think? As I learned self reliance throughout life’s trajectory, one moment from my youth resonates vividly. At the green age of 22 and at my first corporate job, I was advised that the president of the company wanted to see me. I was summarily ushered into his office and

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Your Business MPG: Does Your Effort Equate To Productivity?

Have you ever felt like your wheels are spinning… But you are not actually moving forward? This was the visual in my mind while drafting my mission for Bergen Concierge Service. Time is your most valuable asset. Wasting any of it unproductively is a frustrating yet universal challenge. As I was writing, the letters revealed

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Confessions of a Concierge: No, I Don’t Work in a Hotel.

Confessions of a Concierge: No, I Don’t Work in a Hotel. The first in a series of essays to dispel myths and elevate a need for Concierges in traditional workplaces. Years ago, on one of my first ‘grown up’ vacations at an upscale hotel, I asked upon checking in for dinner recommendations: “Of course,” the

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Three Reasons Every Small Business Needs Grassroots Support

Three Reasons Every Small Business Needs Grassroots Support What Exactly Is ‘Grassroots Support’ In articulating the mission and messaging around Bergen Concierge Service, the term grassroots support kept resonating with me. In the vast field of tasks needed to start a small business, there are so many ‘rabbit holes’ to go down and get lost

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